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Miss heavens


Miss Heavens features Sydney's largest & finest selection of mature ladies in their 30s, 40s and 50s every single day.

Our ladies are mostly Australian, with a sprinkling of European & South American heritage.

Miss Heavens ladies are carefully selected for their:

  • Overall femininity & sex appeal
  • Advanced bedroom techniques
  • Passionate & loving nature
  • Open mindedness
  • Generous nature
  • A real & lustful desire to please

All our ladies have a uniqueness coupled with a real desire to please and this offers our clientele the highest standard in personal satisfaction.


Superstar fully experienced uninhibited platinum blonde curvacious size 14 figure luscious full E cup bustline very loving natured 50's


Absolute Superstar Sexbomb! Ultra gorgeous sexy tall European brunette perfect size 10 hourglass figure firm DD long dark hair outstanding oral 40’s


Superstar Extremely Popular! Super gorgeous & very classy petite toned size 8 figure platinum blonde sparkling blue eyes all over suntan 40’s


Petite Playful Sex Kitten! Very popular gorgeous alluring tiny toned size 6 Australian brunette big brown eyes very sensual 30's


Absolute Sex Goddess! Superstar extremely popular ultra sexy tall perfect size 8 figure firm DD cup Italian blonde olive skin 40's


Extremely attractive model looks leggy & sexy size 12 hourglass figure C cup bosom beautiful smooth olive skin big green eyes brunette late 30's

ASHLEY (Returns)

Extremely popular Ashley is back! Absolutely stunning super gorgeous model looks tall amazing toned size 8 body to die for firm DD cup sizzling blonde 40’s


Wow Factor! Very popular ultra sexy South American beauty super hot toned athletic size 8 figure firm DD cup bust smooth olive complexion early 40's


Tall very attractive platinum blonde Australian beauty leggy size 12 figure firm D cup bust all over suntan beautiful blue eyes 40's


Extremely Popular Fantastic Service! Super hot & sexy petite size 8 figure firm D cup bust long ash blonde hair all over suntan mid 30’s


Toy specialist! Very feminine attractive curvy size 8 hourglass figure firm E cup bust naughty Singaporean 50's


Super sultry very appealing Colombian beauty trim size 10 figure firm C cup bust shoulder length black hair beautiful smooth olive skin late 30's


Superstar extremely popular tall statuesque catwalk model figure toned size 8 firm E cup bust blonde beach babe 40’s


Ultra feminine very classy platinum blonde Australian beauty trim & curvy size 12 figure luscious DD cup bosom beautiful milky skin40’s


Brand New To Industry! Very attractive feminine & demure South African brunette petite size 10 figure perky C cup bust lovely fair complexion mid 40’s

COCO (New)

Very attractive & classy Oriental beauty perfect petite size 8 figure lovely smooth milky complexion shoulder length dark hair late 40's

CODY (New)

Extremely pretty very youthful golden blonde luscious size 12 figure natural firm D cup bust beautiful smooth milky complexion very soft natured early 30’s


Extremely sexy very striking tall statuesque European beauty athletic amazing toned size 8 figure long dark hair olive skin 40's


Captivating Passionate Lover! Truly elegant ultra feminine & very attractive brunette trim size 10 firm natural DD cup early 50’s


Sex appeal very attractive tall classy trim & curvy size 12 luscious natural F cup bust long ash blonde hair great oral techniques 40's


Extremely good looking long platinum blonde hair super hot toned size 8 gym body firm D cup bust lovely fair complexion very sensual in the bedroom 40's


Extremely striking very luscious Caribbean beauty very leggy curvacious size 12 figure amazing natural F cup bust silky dark chocolate skin beautiful thick black hair late 30’s


Superstar luscious alluring Turkish beauty trim & curvy size 12 figure firm natural DD cup bust smooth fair complexion very loving & sensual mid 30’s


Excellent Service! Youthful & very pretty blonde girl next door type trim & curvy size 12 amazing firm E cup bust peaches & cream complexion 30's


Lot of sex appeal feminine very attractive classic Spanish beauty petite size 8 figure firm D cup bust beautiful olive skin early 50's


Highly experienced sexual Goddess sultry looks very attractive & stylish Brazilian beauty hot size 8 firm D cup bust beautiful smooth olive complexion 40's


Very gorgeous & luscious Australian Strawberry blonde trim & curvy size 12 firm DD cup peaches & cream complexion mid 30's


Model Figure & Looks! Super Gorgeous ultra sexy leggy platinum blonde amazing athletic toned size 8 figure firm DD cup bust beautiful fair complexion early 30's

IVY (New)

Extremely good looking striking blonde fantastic toned size 8 leggy figure short cropped hair amazing green eyes all over suntan late 30's


Superstar very wild & raunchy absolute sex kitten ever generous in the bedroom petite toned size 8 tanned complexion alluring blonde 40's


Kinky & Naughty! Very alluring feminine sex appeal curvacious size 12 luscious natural E cup bosom brunette lovely fair complexion very uninhibited in the bedroom 40's


Very alluring lots of sex appeal Australian honey blonde sexy trim size 10 figure firm D cup bust tanned complexion very sensual early 40's


Extremely attractive very appealing Italian Brazilian beauty perfect size 10 hourglass figure firm natural D cup bust long golden blonde hair beautiful smile late 30's


True Gusher! Very popular ultra feminine slim size 10 firm natural E cup passionate brunette lovely fair complexion 40's


Perfect Petite Package! Superstar very popular absolute sex goddess hot size 8 figure firm DD cup bust Italian minx olive skin 50's


Very exotic Indian beauty trim size 10 figure curves in the right places firm C cup bust dark olive skin 40’s


Superstar highly experienced extremely popular charismatic very alluring petite size 8 ash blonde vixen outstanding oral techniques 50's

LUNA (New)

Sultry good looks Very inviting Brazilian blond trim & curvy size 10 figure natural D cup bust very passionate service mid 30's


Extremely hot & luscious Venezuelian beauty amazing size 8 figure killer curves & sexy round butt long black hair olive skin luscious lips 40's


Very gorgeous extremely classy tall blonde curves in the right places leggy size 12 amazing firm E cup bosom beautiful fair complexion 40's


Extremely pretty luscious curvacious brunette trim & curvy size 14 figure wonderful firm DD cup bust beautiful smooth porcelein complexion late 30's


Extremely Popular! Super gorgeous ultra glamorous & classy Russian Oriental beauty petite size 10 firm DD cup long honey blonde hair smooth milky skin 40's


A True Class Act! Very popular absolutely stunning fantastic petite & toned size 8 figure Russian blonde firm D cup bust loving & sensual late 40’s


Fully experienced sexy & sultry trim curvy size 12 DD cup passionate Latino lover with a unique oral technique auburn hair olive complexion 50's


Raunchy & Wild! Very popular & vivacious amazing natural F cup bust trim & curvy size 10 figure short cropped blonde hair great oral techniques 40's


Brand New To Industry! Sexy attractive British strawberry blonde slim size 10 firm C cup bust fair complexion very warm natured 40's

RANI (New)

Classic Indian Beauty! Very attractive youthful & demure exotic beauty leggy trim size 10 firm natural DD cup beautiful smooth chocolate skin mid 30’s


Extremely popular Sexy little pocket rocket very attractive American natural redhead hot size 8 shapely figure perky c cup lovely fair skin outstanding oral mid 30's


Very attractive, demure & feminine Australian platinum blonde trim & curvy size 10 figure natural D cup bustline lovely fair complexion 40's


Superstar Absolute Sex Kitten! Very raunchy highly experienced oozing sex appeal petite size 8 brunette firm C cup early 40's


Brand New to Industry! Extremely classy ultra feminine sex appeal toned size 8 figure all over suntan classy Australian brunette 40’s


Sweet & sexy by nature very attractive Australian brunette luscious size 10 hourglass figure firm D cup bust early 40's


Superstar in the bedroom very popular totally uninhibited raunchy leggy size 12 redhead short cropped hair beautiful fair skin 40's

SASHA (Returns)

Super sultry South American beauty very experienced trim size 10 hourglass figure firm DD cup bust smooth olive complexion late 40’s


Super sexy very sultry middle eastern beauty long black hair big brown eyes trim size 8 hourglass figure firm DD cup bust porcelain complexion 40’s


Absolute Stunner! Ultra sexy very gorgeous leggy size 10 hot hourglass figure firm DD cup bust long platinum blonde hair late 30’s warm natured


Very good looking natural Exotic beauty amazing hot toned size 8 figure luscious firm DD cup bust long thick black hair beautiful smooth olive skin early 40's


Ultimate Aussie Beach Babe! Superstar extremely popular very hot classy platinum blonde athletic size 10 all over suntan outstanding oral techniques 40's


Superstar extremely popular very beautiful very elegant French Exotic classic beauty size 10 perky C cup brunette 30's


Super classy ultra sexy long platinum blonde hair Australian beauty sexy petite size 10 figure with curves in the right places firm DD cup bust mid 40’s


Super gorgeous vivacious very hot barbie doll looks tall toned size 8 figure firm DD cup fully experienced long blonde hair 40's


True Gusher! Very sexy & provocative platinum blonde fantastic legs perfect size 10 figure luscious natural D cup bust milky fair skin 40's


Super hot ultra gorgeous Italian beauty athletic toned size 8 figure firm DD cup bust shoulder length black hair beautiful green eyes olive skin late 30’s


Superstar very popular exotic luscious F cup size 8 hourglass Eurasian smooth olive skin great oral techniques 40's


Sensational Service Very Popular! Extremely enticing girl next door type very attractive honey blonde size 12 hourglass figure firm D cup bust mid 30'


Girl Next Door Youthful European Beauty! Very attractive Italian French blonde trim size 10 hourglass firm DD cup smooth olive skin soft natured late 30's


Attractive & raunchy European auburn hair deep blue eyes D cup size 10 great oral techniques 40's

XENA (New)

Absolute Sex Siren! Exotic Greek Goddess luscious curvacious size 12 magnificent natural G cup bust luscious lips long platinum blonde braided hair late 30's


Our ladies are mature in age 30-50 years offering an abundance of experience in life, both sexually & intellectually.

Miss Heavens fabulous array of ladies are mostly Australian with a sprinkling of European & South American heritage.

Your total satisfaction is our goal and we promise to go above and beyond to accommodate your wildest desires or fetishes.

Miss heavens


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